Week 3 in Grade 1

Hello Grade 1 families,

We hope you have had a great week. Below are a few updates from our week in Grade 1.

Chinese New Year celebrations continued with activities in both classes related to this special time. Making wishes and hanging them on trees, making dragon puppets, chopstick relay races and more. We hope your children enjoyed this day.

In celebration of Valentine’s Day next week, both classes are being introduced to adjectives related to friendship and students will be learning about and creating their own acrostic poems. Be sure to check out the VDay offerings for adults here at the school.

Grade 1 have created 2 ogoh ogoh’s to be used and one will represent the positive sides of having healthy air and the other will represent the ways in which we are causing pollution in the air. Both classes will get to contribute to both ogoh ogoh. Stay tuned for more details.

Grade 1 Merah specifics:

Our lettuce was ready to harvest so, along with other work in the garden, we picked lettuce and made sandwiches fresh from the garden.

Ogoh-Ogoh stories are being developed for literacy right now. How do stories begin? What makes an interesting story? Where do writers get ideas? These were the bigger questions we talked about.

Grade 1 Putih specifics:

In differentiated groups, students have been exploring the world of addition and practicing counting on strategies through games and challenges using number lines, 100’s charts and fingers.

In Literacy students are now working in 4 differentiated groups where they rotate through and work with a teacher for instruction, work on guided reading with their group and another teacher, practice writing with the third teacher and work on reading to self using their book boxes which are newly full of books on each child’s reading level. We encourage you to keep all the home reading going, it is making a huge difference in our budding readers!

Also in Literacy students will be introduced to adjectives and will be asked to explore the qualities about themselves that make them a good friend and they will also name the traits they look for in a good friend. This work as well as the acrostic poems about friendship will be displayed in our classroom so be sure to take a peek in late next week.

Have a wonderful weekend and see you next week!


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