Week 3 in Grade 2

Dear All,

“How big is your desire to help animals when you were a kid?” This is what one of Grade 2 Putih questions if they could meet Jane Goodall!

Yes!! We started the new thematic this week, Be The Change, where we are going to explore world savers that change this planet into a better place to live in, we focus on the heroes who help the animals, environment (land, water, air) and human. We started by discussing what a hero look like such as tackle new challenges, get out of our comfort zone, find resources and information, trial if failure, celebrate the success together with others. The children had learned about Jane Goodall and her journey in Africa to help the chimpanzees, they got so inspired and they also learned about Kartini, one of the Indonesian hero who built the first school for women a long time ago, she fought for girls so that they can have education. We also wrote our story about our experiences of helping animals and ways to help the earth.

Excitedly, we wondered around MS and HS Sustainable Solution boots to get more inspirations about what could to find solutions for the Earth problems, they enjoyed painting the toothbrush holder to support Bamboo Toothbrush Project and climbed the playground from LEAP Junior project.

Literacy this week, we focused on opinion writing about Earth day, we put reasons why we think of certain stuffs. One of them wrote “The best things that grow on Earth is flowers because they are beautiful. I love the ocean because there is sea life. I can use less plastics and learn about animals to help the Earth.” Also, we stretched sentences  from simple ones to be more interesting ones likes “I played with my cat” into ” I carefully played with my fluffy, cute cat”.

Maths this week, we introduced measurement in millimeter, centimeter and meter and we hunt around the class to figure out which things can be measured using one of the measurement units. We also did review in four processes, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Bahasa and Indonesian culture, we are still learning and tasting local food and fruit. We made fruit satay and they need to decide what fruit to put in and mention some names before they put it in a sticks. It was so fun, healthy and yummy!


-PW days: Tuesday, Thursday : sport shoes, hat and water bottle

-LIbrary day : Monday

-Saraswati Day : They are invited to join the ceremony, more details will come soon!

Have a super weekend!

Grade 2 Team

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