Week 3 in Grade 3A

Dear 3A Families,

It has been a busy week and lots of fun activities happening in the classroom. Here are some updates on what is happening in the classroom.

Thematic: children learned about food staples around the world. Integrating mathematics, they also learned to find the area of a land and figured out how many paddies that they can plant in a square meter. Why are certain foods more prominent in certain countries? How does it impact us when we eat foods that must travel a great distance? What are some local foods of Bali? These questions and more were explored in recent classes.

Math: Focus of the week was about the strategies to solve multiplication problems using 4 different strategies such as skip counting, drawing an array, drawing equal groups, and using a repeated addition.

English: Students learned and practiced reading strategies from read alouds in preparation for small book group work. Our young readers are becoming adept at making reasonable predictions, visualizing, and summarizing. We read The Name Jar, The Quiet Book, and are currently in the middle of The Tiny Seed. Our read alouds have spurred some thoughtful discussions about how our name reflects our identity, the different ways we are quiet, and in the last book, how we can visualize the distance a tiny seed can travel.

Bahasa Indonesia and Culture: Student learned to express likes and dislikes going to a certain place during holiday- suka/likes, tidak suka/dislikes. They also learned about adverb of frequency to show how often they have been to a public place. Pernah/ever, tidak pernah/never, belum pernah/ has never been, kadang-kadang/sometimes, sering/often. After learning about likes, dislikes, and adverb of frequency, they are learning to put the words in a sentence. This week, in cultural class, students discussed about some ceremonies and celebrations in Bali.

Updates for next week: 1. Book Fair – Monday to Tuesday 29th-30th January, Grade 3A has a chance to see and buy books from some bookstores’ representative such as Periplus and Gramedia. The price of the books is from 30k to 300k per book. Please send some cash with your child if they are going to buy some books. The book fair will happen for a week started from 9 am to 4 pm and students can visit the stalls during Snack and Lunch breaks. The books are further discounted by 10% the first and second day of the fair! 2. Full Moon Ceremony. It is on Wednesday 31st January. The ceremony will occur at 8:30 – 9:00 am. Please send your child to school with Balinese outfits (girls: Kebaya, sarung and sash, boys: sarung and udeng(Balinese traditional hat)). 3.  No Assembly this Friday. 4. Keep practicing those multiplication facts! We move into division!

Below are some pictures from the class this week.

Thank you and enjoy it!

Best Regards,

3A Teachers

Thematics – Learning about rice.

Thematic – Learning about rice

Thematic – Learning about rice

Thematic – Learning about rice

Visual Art

Visual Art

Visual Art


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