Week 3 in Grade 5

Dear all,

It was a four-days week but we had a lot of presentation, sharing and assignment sessions this week.

Thematic ~ After researching and presenting the body system they worked on for two weeks, it was about time for the student to make the model of the body system they choose to make, to excel what they learn. To culminate the body system topic, they showed case their model in a gallery walk style where they visited and exchanged the knowledge among grade 5 students.

Literacy ~ We were starting the argumentation and debating topic this week. We had a mini- version of the debate classes, discussing on several interesting subject, such as school calendar, animals in the zoo, etc. It was a great practice for their persuasive speech in couple weeks later.

We also had spelling practices of some words we were learning in thematic.

Numeracy ~ We were reviewing  the percentage topic this week with an assignment to indicate whether we are still needing to work more on it or not.

Bahasa Indonesia ~ We were also ending the topic we have worked on for two weeks now: Anggota Tubuh. We closed the topic with a spelling and vocabulary test of the topic.

Warrior Project Book ~ The project hub crew, Pak Daniel and Ibu Dita introduced and presented the Warrior Project books for students to use for their footprint projects. Each of students had a copy which have been printed for them use. A lot of design thinking and work has been put into these books. The idea then is for these students to use it as the guideline for their project for the Footprint.

Sustainable Solution ~ We are excited to have our students work with visiting artist, George Nuku this week. He is a Maori environmental artist visiting from New Zealand and it was a phenomenal experience for all our grade 5 students! We were also having a great morning seeing and wandering along HS and MS exhibition to see and get inspired with all the projects they show, painting our own tooth brush holder, enjoying healthy food and many more. We also were invited to watch the show of HS student about the India trip they have done weeks ago.


Saturday, May 11 ~ Saraswati Day. More details and invitation will come soon.

Happy Weekend!

Grade 5 Team

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