Week 3 of Term 3 in 4A!

Another week has whizzed by and we are so happy to finally see the sun this afternoon! We hope to have you join us for the assembly at 2:30 and spend some time with you afterwards, indulging in the wonderful provisions on sale at the Farmer’s Market. Our fabulous chicken egg sales team: Ella, Fern and Lucy will be pitching Grade 4’s home-grown eggs from our chicken project this afternoon. Please support their Green Studies efforts by purchasing some eggs for 5000Rp. each!

Photo Gallery

Chloe recounting her well-documented adventures with Jeff, the class panda, last Friday. He is on his next adventure this week with Leo!

Contributing to the Tree of Gratitude at Primary Assembly!

Measuring a metre to see how many (insert unit here) make up a metre. 5 footsteps, 100 pinky fingers, most of a Bowen! We used referents to help us to estimate measurements, such as: a pinky nail is about 1 milimetre, a pinky finger is about 1 centimetre and 1/2 a woven mat from the Heart of School is about 1 metre!

We got into the spirit of Balinese cooking by writing the recipes for and hand-preparing Sate Lilit (ground chicken cooked on skewers) and Pulung Ubi (cassava balls filled with grated coconut sweetened with palm sugar) and even creating our own little bowls out of banana leaves. We had fun in the 4A kitchen all morning, then enjoyed the fruits of our labor this afternoon with a delicious picnic!

4A’s Week at a Glance

Week of January 29th –February 2nd

Please ensure that your child brings their cap, water bottle and snack every day!

During the rainy season, we advise sending a raincoat and an umbrella each day. You may wish to send a spare set of clothes in a waterproof bag to store in your child’s cubby, as well.

Book Fair All This Week from 9:00am-4:00pm


BSSA Basketball after school

Deadline for all students to have emailed written permission to attend excursionPlease bring Library books


Visit Book Fair

Green StudiesTuesday

Excursion to Pasar (local market)Please bring running shoes for PE

Bahasa Indonesia



BSSA BasketballGreen Studies



Visit Book FairThursday

Swimming Practice 2:10-3:00

Book Swap in Art Gallery HOSPlease bring running shoes for Sport


Indonesian Culture



Bahasa Indonesia


Excursion: On Tuesday January 30th, 2018, we will be visiting the Pasar (local market) South of Green School for students to have a real-life experience bargaining with local vendors and purchasing fruits using Bahasa Indonesia. Students have been practicing their vocabulary and speaking skills and will be using their Numeracy skills to calculate totals, pay using rupiah and collect change. Everyone is very excited to buy fruits and to come back to the class to enjoy eating them afterwards!

All students must have emailed written confirmation that they have permission to attend the excursion by Monday January 29th, 2018. Any students who are not attending can come to school and will be assigned work in another class or can come to school late (when we return to the school) and join us afterwards. We will leave for the excursion at 9:00am and return to school for 10:30am. We can’t wait to practice our Bahasa in real life!

Book Fair: We will be visiting the Book Fair on Monday and Wednesday as a class. J Students may also go to the Book Fair to purchase books during break, lunchtime or after school. On Thursday, a book swap will be held so, if you would like to send in previously-loved books that you think others would enjoy, we will collect them in class next week and they will be added to the book-swap! Thank you for your donations!

Assemblies will be running on a bi-weekly basis for the remainder of the year. We WILL have an assembly on Friday January 25th, 2018. J

Large plant pots: We will be locating and re-potting elephant ear plants as they have to be removed from all areas of campus where they collect rain and provide a habitat for mosquito larvae. We want to Save the Elephants by housing them inside our classroom where they will be free from rain and our little gardeners can learn to take care of them.

If your family has any LARGE spare plant pots that you are happy to donate to the class, we would really appreciate them for gardening on Wednesday! J

Sports Fans,

BSSA Swimming 2018 – Practices start this week on THURSDAYS

Swimmers and Parents,

Apologies for the miscommunication earlier.

Swim practice is on Thursdays and both the Bio-Bus and practice times are on a strict schedule, please encourage students to be timely. Swim practice will begin this week Jan 18th.

***Reminder to bring a swimsuit, towel, water, goggles, and a swim cap.***

BSSA Swimming -Thursdays – 2:30 – 3:30

***All students meet at the Green Warung Bale at 2:10***

Depart to Kolam SOKA TIRTA @ 2:15

Practice from 2:30 – 3:30

Return to GS @ 3:45

Arrive GS @4:00

Swim Meet – Monday, April 24th All Day

Team – Practice Day – Coaches

Grades 3 to HS – Thursdays – Edu, Putu Joni, Chris, Sweania

Thank you for your patience and we look forward to a great season.

Special thanks to our community coaches Pak Chris and Ibu Sweania, both accomplished competitive athletes.

Pak Jade and the PE team


Basketball Season is upon us! Practices have already started! See the Schedule below and note the tournament and finals days. All primary and junior teams play games on Wednesdays and please note the dates of the senior tournament and junior finals. Swimmers, please make sure you can attend the swim meet.

Primary students, please sign up through your ASA co-ordinator.

Middle and High School students please attend the first practice on your given day.

***We are looking for more coaches*** If you are interested in coaching please contact Pak Jade jademcgraw@greenschool.org

BSSA Basketball Practice – 3:30-4:30

Junior Final March 14th

Senior Tournament March 13th

Team – Practice Day – Coaches

9/10 Boys – Tuesday – Desak

9/10 Girls – Monday – Harriett

11/12 Boys – Tuesday – Garrett and Ester

11/12 Girls – Monday – Suzanne

13/14/15 Boys – Thursday – Kiley and Angelo

13/14/15 Girls – Thursday – Jade

+15 Boys – Friday – Mau, Jade, and Leo

+15 Girls – Friday – Kiley and Suzanne

This Week’s Focus:NumeracyContinued…

Demonstrate an understanding of area of regular and irregular 2-D shapes by:

-estimating area, using referents for cm2 or m2

–       Math Makes Sense (PDF 168-170)

Practice and Homework Book pg. 72-73 (PDF 78-79)

–       Estimating and Measuring Area pg. 156-158 (PDF 168-171)

–       Finding Area in Square Meters pg. 159-161 (PDF 172-173), Hw Bk pg. 80-81

Strategies Toolkit pg. 162-163At Home:·      Basic fact practice (adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing)*** HIGH PRIORITY

·      Comparing lengths of items and measuring them in cm and in using a ruler. Measure the length and width of rectangular items at home in mm, cm and m. Multiply to find the area. Add both widths to both lengths to find the perimeter.LiteracySpelling and Vocabulary words.

Writer’s Workshop- Poetry Unit continues: Acrostic, Haiku and Cinquain

Reading strategies- Continue vocabulary building. Using context clues to infer meaning and then using a dictionary to locate the meaning and re-read with understanding. Adding words to our personal dictionary.At Home:·      Spelling and Vocabulary words on Monday’s document. Look Say Cover Write Check daily practice due Friday.

·      Read for a minimum of 20 minutes per night. Have a dictionary and thesaurus available to use.

·      Write word lists at home! Come up with other (more interesting) ways to say commonly used words like ‘said’ and ‘beautiful’.

·      Write a diary each day or keep a creative writing journal. Add Poetry to daily writing repitoire.ThematicsBalinese traditional houses and 3D model buildingAt Home:Home research of traditional Balinese housesBahasa IndonesiaDiscussing the public places in BahasaAt Home:Practice these words: 8 public places they see on the way to school and add feelings (emotions).

(sekolah, toko,

masjid, pura, pompa

bensin, pasar,s ekolah,

sungai, pantai, gunung


Level 2: saya pernah

ke Pura Tanah Lot. Pura

ini ada di Tabanan.

Tempatnya indah sekaliIndonesian CultureIntroduce Maong maong & ular naga.

Review tri hita karana

Going to the market- fruits and vegetables and how to buy things in the market.At Home:Teach your family and friends!

Tri Hita Karana- the philosophy of the trinity between God (prayer), humans and nature (animals and trees).

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