Week 3- Term 1

As usual our week started with our cooking class. This time we made Gado- Gado on a stick and learnt different methods of preparing our ingredients. We learnt to halve and quarter the different pieces for our gado gado. – namely timun (cucumber), tahu  (tofu) and tempe. Next we made a marinade with spices – bawang putih (garlic), garam (salt) and ketumbar (coriander seeds) and waited while our ingredients became full of flavour. After that, we learnt how to put these ingredients onto a stick. We had to do it ever so gently as the tahu was fragile and so easy to break. Ibu Pegi helped to grill it while we were preparing the peanut sauce. We bought ready made peanut sauce and we just poured some warm water over it and mixed it together to make a delicious dip. The sauce was such a hit with the children, they called it ‘Hallelujah Soup’!

We’ve been having so much fun exploring sounds in Literacy. Ibu Jo had everyone working in groups,  listening to different sounds from a speaker  which then they matched with picture cards. We had to listen really carefully to work out what some of the noises were. The next day she invited the children to drum many different surfaces indoors and outdoors and asked  them if they noticed the difference of each sound. On Thursday we played another listening to sounds game. We sang “Ibu Jo has a box ee eye ee eye oh ” to the tune of ‘Old McDonald had a farm’  and tried to match the instrument she played to the different instruments  we had on the mat.  We all had a blast on our on a sound adventure this week!!

In Maths, Ibu Yulia had the children look more closely  at numbers 1-10 through body movements, identifying the number of our body parts, tracing and then writing the numbers 1-5 and creating our own numbers on a worksheet. They also made caterpillar art work and used their finger prints to make a  caterpillar’s  body based on a number and then used  linking cubes to show the amount too. The children also learnt about simple patterns, Ibu Yulia had them in a row in a specific pattern  and asked the children to guess it. The children then had to search around the classroom to find any item that they thought had patterns on it. They  discovered many interesting patterns all around us, some were really complicated and others simple.

We went fishing in our yoga class this week! The children went in a yoga boat to a beautiful island and each one caught a fish with a different yoga pose. We had so much fun, we were way over the allocated time to do yoga! Yes,  again!

Our morning our choosing time went super special this week. We had our first Mystery Guest- Laki- Laki, an Anjing Kintamani, who came to our class with his favorite people – Lucy and her Dad! He was the sweetest thing, the children couldn’t help but fall in love with him. We couldn’t be more excited  to welcome them to our class.  Thank you for colouring our morning brighter!

The children have been working extra hard to finish our thematic works on Friendship and Feeling. We  should see some of their work up on display for all of us to see next week, we tied this thematic to  the months of the year in a happy anticipation of their birthday celebration. Here is a link to a song if you want to practise the months at home https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5enDRrWyXaw. From morning to noon each day of the week, the children played and took part in activities that will help them to get to know each other better. We did movement games for them to recognise theirs and other people feelings. Ask your child to show you how they look like when they feel sad, confused, tired, excited, etc.  You can introduced them to other worldly feelings too, we promise you that you’ll have a lot of fun with it.

We visited Pak Duncan in his music room where  the children sang their heart out with some popular songs while he played the keyboard.  The children then played  ‘Mary had a little Lamb’ with their Bambajam instruments.  

Pak Brett linked his music class with our ‘Friendship and Feeling’ thematic, so this week he introduced the children into a new song ‘We’re going to be friends’ and ‘You got a friend in me’. In Green Studies Pak Brett got everyone being a tiny seed turning into a sprout and then growing as a shoot towards the sun. After that we dug holes and planted sweetcorn kernels and hopefully, after careful watering, we will be able to watch them grown into plants. It would be great to eat our own, home-grown sweetcorn later in the year.

Pak Garrett we had to control our bodies as we jumped and balanced on an obstacle course during our Friday PE session. It was tricky but everyone did really well and we encouraged our friends.

Ibu Ayu had found a special story all about a dog to read us Anjing Kintamani in library time. It was great choosing some new books to take home and for our classroom too.

How do you feel like when you were having lunch and suddenly your sibling come to you to give you slice of pizza? Jasper was exceptionally happy and so were his friends because his brother brought pizza that he made for all of us. Wow! He truly showed us what being kind is all about. Thank you, Luke!

On Monday next week we might be getting a little dirty so please can everyone make sure that their child comes with a change of clothes. And on Friday there is a National holiday for Eid so school is closed for a long weekend. 

With Love,

KA/AK team

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