Week 3 Term 2 in Grade 4

Dear Parents,

What a dreamy week it has been… Everyone in class really felt like we were walking on air all week as we breezed through our classwork and enjoyed the lighter sides of school. Even the butterflies were passing through our lofty, open space as we worked away throughout each beautiful day.

We started the week with some reading and math challenge games in the Library. The students also started searching on the computer lab, about their projects related to “Give from the Earth” thematic. Their ideas are extraordinary. Some of them are chose Bamboo as a basic ingredient that nature has provided to make several products, such as ; Bamboo pencil case, and bamboo cup.

Last Wednesday was a wonderful day of celebrating the Halloween tradition by dressing up and doing some fall-related activities. Our class was recognized at the assembly for being the Primary class with the most students dressed up, Everyone looked amazing!

This week in Numeracy:

We have successfully worked through Place Value, Addition, Estimation and are becoming more fluent at solving word problems. We will continue to master these skills while also beginning our new topic: Subtraction. In this unit, we will learn to subtract numbers up to one million, with and without regrouping. Please help your child become more proficient in Numeracy by encouraging them to practice their basic subtraction facts up to 18. The ability to subtract these facts with speed will improve your child’s success in working with larger numbers.

In Indonesian Culture :

Students became more familiar with the physical geography of Indonesia, learning the names of the islands through interactive memorization games. Many interesting facts and statistics were gleaned from an informative video on Indonesia and beautiful maps were drawn, labeled and coloured by students. This week we will start discussing the differences between Public school in Bali with GS in several side. We want to establish cooperation with local schools and students around Green School, so that GS students can see how their learning conditions are.

We can’t wait for the week ahead!

Reminder :

  1. Please remind your children to bring their proper shoes for PW, water bottle,and Hat.

Thank you for reading.

Grade 4 Team


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