Week 3 Term 3 grade 5

Hi 5B families,

Welcome back to week 3. We had quite a full week last week and are feeling like we’ve gotten back into the rhythm of things. It’s great to be back!

In Literacy we started our new novel- Out of My mind By Sharon Draper. I love this novel and highly recommend it. The students are enjoying it. Some beautiful themes weaved into this inspirational story that follows the life and thoughts of a young girl named Melody. The author uses beautiful, vivid language and lots of imagery in her writing. This lead to a nice writers workshop with the students today. They practiced and applied this literary device in their writing. We had some very creative shares.

In Numeracy, we are working in groups going over adding fractions and solving some math challenges around campus. We’ll pick this up again this week.

In Thematics, we explored the term deconstruction and the various ways we can look at this topic. The students worked on a mini project choosing an object or subject they wanted to ‘deconstruct’ and learn more about. We listened to their short presentations during our block from the journey of a pair of jeans, to the journey of a bottle of nail polish or the true make up of a can of coca cola. This week we will begin to disassemble various appliances and objects. Let’s see what we discover through this project and what we can recreate from it.

Lastly, today we had the Grade 11 class come down and visit us. They are working on a “Love” project and had a few questions for our class about what love means to them. Some interesting and entertaining responses.

Here are some pics of the week. Enjoy!

Grade 5B Team

practicing for their mini presentations

Thematic group work

Grade 5 yoga Nidra

High School visits Grade 5B



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