Week 3 Term 4 at Gr 2A

Dear All,

What a wonderful, busy and also hot day at school this week! We had spent an enjoyable time at Sustainable Solutions and got inspired by the workshops and boots. The children also shared their knowledge to Grade 1B and couple of Grade 4B about World Savers who care about the earth, animals and environments. Here are some memory:

Thematics this week, we creatively worked on our magical shoe, the children will write some great description about their shoe and what kind of magic that it does. We decorated it with colorful beads, pretty strings, bottle caps, cardboard and natural materials. They loved creating it and of course everyone had different style and accessories to put on it, we made them feel that they are shoe fashion designer! The children also finished their fairy tales story, we are so impressed with their great vocabulary and excellence adjectives that they used on their writing even most of them still do not have title for their story, it will be written up soon! They also utilized their old map and fairy character  when they wrote their story to make it more interesting!

We used our Literacy time to keep working on fairy tales story and did Literacy station(phonic works, guided reading and creative writing). We had a flexible time with our schedule and Sustainable Solutions event in order to keep the lesson going on and we also had time to go around for the activities at SS. Maths this week is still about measurement using cm and m, we went outside to measure how many meters from our class to bunny cage, Grade 1A and Art room. The children enjoyed so much their collaboration using 1 meter stick during the measurement. In addition to that, we did scavenger hunt in our class to measure objects, the children had to estimate the length of an object before they use the ruler to know the real size. Not only using rulers, we also tried using bottle caps to measure the objects with the same process.

In Bahasa and culture class, we still talk about body parts, type of illness and describing people. We have done speaking activities asking what type of illness, write about it and also draw pictures based on the description. We will celebrate Kartini day this Saturday in Indonesia, so the children learned about Kartini which we called The Indonesian Malala since she was the World Savers for girls so they could get education 115 years ago in Java and she opened the first primary school for girl at that time. We did some painting about her based on her famous quotes”After a pitch dark night, comes a new beautiful morning”.


-please make sure your child has a water bottle to school

-Library books return on Thursday

-Indonesian Assembly Gr 2A on 8 May at morning assembly

Have a restful weekend!

Grade 2A Team

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