Week 4

Dear Families,

This week in grade 5a we had an excellent time leaning and growing our classroom community. In numeracy, we are diving into whole numbers with small group lessons and “Place Value Yahtzee” where students compete in a fun friendly competition. Students are also beginning to collect materials for their “Identity” thematic project. Many students have come up with unique ideas for objects they can build that represent something that is culturally important to them, which we are excited about. Finally, students are making progress in their Gamelan skills with Pak Alex (see pictures below!)

Important items for next week:

Monday: Class/Group Teman Teman Period 6 – We have Upper Primary students reading to Junior Primary; an Upper Primary class buddying with an Early Years class; and a group of G6 and G5 students making music together!

Tuesday: Full Moon Ceremony. Students should remember to wear their traditional clothes to school. The ceremony will take place from 8:30-9:00 in the Heart of School. Note from Ibu Nicki:

Dear Parents,

We are writing to inform you about the upcoming Primary Full Moon Ceremony to take place next Tuesday beginning at 8:30am promptly at the Green School Temple in the Heart of School. Primary students and staff will come together to celebrate and each person will get a packet of kwangen (flowers wrapped in banana leaves) as an offering and holy water and bija (rice) will be distributed by the Balinese ceremony leaders. These celebrations are practiced out of respect for the culture of the island on which we live. Students should go to their classrooms as normal at 8:10 on the morning of the ceremony. Classes will walk together to the Heart of School and should be seated quietly, shoeless and as a class at the temple by 8:20am promptly. All students and staff participating should wear a sarong, a sash, an udeng (traditional hat for boys) or a kebaya (traditional lace shirt for girls).  It would be best if students came dressed in their traditional ceremonial clothing and brought a change of clothes in their bags for afterwards. We look forward to celebrating together.

**Students should also have their water bottles, hats, and shoes for sport!


Students should have their water bottles, hats, and shoes for P.E.

We hope you have excellent weekend together with your families!

-Pak Lance, Ibu Dee, and Ibu Devi


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