Week 4, Cycle 2 – So Much to do in Just 5 Days

Hello, Grade 5 Parents!

It has been a jam-packed week here in Grade 5. On Monday was were able to participate in the creation of a new bamboo nursery and received an information session that detailed how bamboo reproduce and grow.  After that, the students got their hands dirty and planted two beds of bamboo cuttings that will grow into a dense bundle in just a short time.

On Tuesday some of our students performed a dance at the Primary assembly.  Hats off to a great show!

In Literacy we continued our reading of Kensuke’s Kingdom, pausing in our reading do discuss novel vocabulary and make predictions based on story events so far.

In maths, we continued our work on calculating surface area to support the skills required for the Tanah Indah project.

This week in Tanah Indah asked students to improve their shelter structures, plan their nation’s crops, and build national pride by performing their national anthem. After the earthquake on Wednesday night an oil gusher was pushed to the surface, teams had to work together to separate the oil from rainwater using only natural tools. Students also had to design methods to keep the oil spill out of their nation’s land, by negotiating and cooperating with other nations.

In Bahasa Indonesia, students practiced their verbal pronunciation by reading different parts to a play

On Wednesday, we had a special guest visit our class, as Ibu Rachael delivered a session about internet safety.

On Friday, Ibu Kiley’s Middle School class prepared a Field Day for us, and we enjoyed an afternoon of games outdoors!  The slip ‘n slide was a huge hit, as you can see.

Altogether it was a busy week and we know that the students will enjoy the long weekend.  We will see them back on Wednesday next week, rested and ready to learn!

Best regards,

The Grade 5 Team

Just a note about next week: There will be a Fool Moon Ceremony on Thursday, Nov. 22.  Please assist your child to ensure that they remember to come dressed in ceremonial clothes.

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