Week 4 Grade 2

Hello Dear Grade 2 Families,

I hope everyone is doing well. This week was another busy productive week. It started by having our morning community showcase entitled Cool Down and Energy Up Activities. Grade 2 Putih has shown some poses in Yoga, Mindfulness pasta activity and A Go Noodle song. While Grade 2 Merah showed a groovy dance called Iko-Iko. Maths was continuing the discussion about the 4 processes (addition, subtraction, times and division) and measurement of length and weight. Bahasa Indonesia, we were talking about Indonesian food and drink as well as fruits and vegetables, while Indonesian Culture we talked about Saraswati celebration. In Thematics, grade 2 started our JAR Project and English we continued our reading and writing.

Please check out the following photos from this week:

Grade 2 Putih performed some yoga poses and a go-noodle morning activities

Grade 2 Merah performed Iko-Iko dance for Tuesday assembly

Another morning community lessons in Grade 2 Merah

Harvesting Rosella                                                Measuring length in Maths

Buddy reading                                                           Lotus zen-tangle art activity

Talent show held by Early Years friends where Primary could join in

A discussion about yellow rice called Nasi Yasa regarding the Saraswati celebration, the Goddess of Art and Science

Sustainable Solutions celebration

A note from Ibu Mary, our Primary Counselor:

Hello Green School Parents and Families, I hope this finds you well. As a part of the Green School Primary School educational program, I will be discussing safety with students in the coming days and weeks. Green School utilizes the “Second Step” Curriculum for teaching about safety and child protection. The following concepts will be discussed:

Second Step Lesson Concepts

Adults are meant to take care of you and keep you safe Ways to stay safe 1. Recognize: Is it safe? 2. Report: Tell an adult 3. Refuse: Say words that mean no Your body belongs to you Unsafe touches are never okay You can refuse any unwanted touch, even if it’s safe Paying attention to uncomfortable feelings in your body can help you recognize unwanted touches

For additional resources to continue these conversations as home, you may visit www.secondstep.org.

Last but not least, here is the invitation for the Saraswati celebration this week:

Terima kasih

Grade 2 Team (Emma, Neni, Jerry, Peni, Nita)


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