Week 4 in 2A

Hi 2A community,

We hope you’ve had a wonderful week. We’ve had a great one that has gone by quickly.

In Thematics we continue our Fairy Tales topic which has been spilling into literacy and maths over the past few weeks. Next week we will learn about Indonesian/Balinese Fairy Tales with Ibu Neni. Our fairy tale shoes project was a big hit and this week  we wrote up our descriptions neatly for our Magic Shoe Museum which we will show to our 4A Teman teman buddies on Monday.

This week we explored traditional fairy tales and thought about ‘fractured fairy tales’. These are traditional tales which have been changed slightly. The character, setting or event might be altered. On Thursday we worked in groups to take a traditional tale and change it. We used Little Red Riding Hood, The Princess and the Pea, The Frog Prince and The Three Little Pigs. We learned about story telling techniques with Ibu Penelope on Wednesday so we put these two concepts together. As a group, we had to tell the fractured fairy tale using our voice, body and expressions. There were some challenges which we reflected on such as problems when working in a group, difficulties to remain still when you’re not telling your part of the tale, projecting your voice so it’s loud enough, moving your body or hands to help tell the tale. We’ll give this another go next week as we don’t always achieve our goal the first time round and that’s all part of growing as a learner!

Aside from those projects we also thought about creating villains and wanted posters, made ‘roll a sentence’ fairy tales and did some comprehension work, finding answers to questions after reading a traditional tale.

In Maths, we continue working on measurement. This week we focused on weight or mass using gram and kilogram. We have compared weights, found weights and today we made cookies after carefully weighing all our ingredients! We figured we needed to use maths to measure weight (for ingredients), height and length (roughly for the size of cookie), temperature (for the oven) and time (for the whole activity but also time in the oven). What a fun and ‘real world’ way to use math. Also tasty!

Ibu Neni has been working hard to prepare us for our assembly in Bahasa. We are getting fluent in naming clothing items and practicing reading sentences (and performing!) ready for 8th May. We also said goodbye to our beloved Ogoh Ogoh and cut her up to put her parts to use somewhere else through recycling. It was good for the kids to see this process of making something, showing it off and then taking it apart to recycle rather than to bin it or leave it for someone else to deal with.

In Community we have been exploring what Empathy looks like (from our IRespect values). We’re on a hunt to find examples of empathy as well as to find ways to demonstrate empathy to others. Empathy looks like considering others’ feelings, finding opportunities to help others when they are lost/sad/angry and thinking about our tone of voice and our words and how they affect other people.

We enjoyed another little harvest from our garden and also have spent time watering and tidying it in this heat!

We continue to love all our special classes. Ask your child more about each specific class; Green Studies, Art, Music, Drama, Science, PE, Sport, Library… I’m always amazed at the creativity and fun that comes through these different classes.

Coming up in May:

THIS MONDAY: Full Moon Ceremony in Community time. Please wear your ceremony clothes and bring a change in your bag.

THIS MONDAY: 2A Drama presentation with Ibu Penelope 1:30pm in the Drama room

8th May: 2A Bahasa presentation in assembly

15-16th May: Green Camp (NOT sleeping over. We will be at camp for our normal school hours) More info coming soon

25th May: Class Field trip. More info coming soon

Lots to continue to look forward to!

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