Week 4 in 2A: World Savers in Action

Dear Parents,

We applied our knowledge about World Saver into a real action this week. We got so much inspirations from all Heroes out there like Malala, Marthin Luther King, Gandhi who put their best effort to change the world. We decided to do our part by helping kids born with cleft palate to have life changing operations. The Smile Shop has helped thousands of kids over the years. They are truly a heroic organization and Green School has been honored to help out over the past many years.  Please see here for more information about the Smile Shop.http://senyumbali.org/

The children from both grade 2 is super excited about this project. We created our coin jars from KemBali materials and had placed in every single Primary class. If you have coins at home, please donate it to us to support this humanity project.

In English, the children work on summarizing book and identifying characters from their appearance and personality. The children wrote amazing adjective to describe them, here are the samples:

In Maths, we continue working on our multiplication strategy. The children were taught about the concept of how multiplication work which is actually repeated addition, here are the sample of one of the strategy:

Bahasa and Indonesian Studies this week, we composed simple sentences about position of public places. We played vocabulary games and role play to make the lesson more interesting. We also created a postcard about tarsier, a cute and fast animal from North Sulawesi.


-wet season is still high, please equip your child with raincoat, umbrella and extra clothes

-dealing with the rain, mosquito lotion/spray is super needed, please place one in their bag/wear it from home

-sport shoes on Monday and Thursday

-library books on Thursday

-YARN AND WOOL for ART CLASS on Wednesday

Thank you! Have a fabulous weekend!

Ibu Emma, Ibu Neni, Ibu Risma


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