Week 4 in 4A

Last week was a whirlwind of activity with Earth Day activities in Teman Teman with 2A, many children swimming like fishes at Tuesday’s swimming competition, Grade 4 Camp (see the special edition camp post) and our day of camp reflections, student-created survival games and puppy cuddles.

Teman Teman with 2A

Swimming Competition! Congratulations, guys!

Student rebellion! Begging to watch a movie in class turned into…

Inventing our own survival games with challenges for the other team, using a variety of equipment. Our students are SO creative and worked on collaboration to build their games from scratch!

The sweetest way to end the week: Singing to Eugenio’s cute, little puppy. Puppy love!!!

It’s been an amazing week! This coming week is a short one: No School on Tuesday!

Take care!


The 4A Team


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