Week 4 in Grade 1

Good afternoon friends,

We have had another fantastic week in Grade 1! We have been learning about the 5 senses in our thematic lessons this week which has been great fun and has been really interesting. In maths this week we have been keeping on working on subtraction and have been making a subtraction puppet show. We can’t wait to show you these at the student led conferences in a few weeks time!

Thank you to everyone who has been sending in spare clothes and rain gear, it is appreciated! Hopefully it will stop raining soon! There have been lots of coughs and colds, tummy bugs and other illnesses going round school recently, so please keep an extra eye on how everyone is feeling! We are doing the same here at school, including being extra vigilant on hand washing and things like that, but every little bit helps.

REMINDERS – Please remember to send sports shoes with the children on Tuesdays and Thursdays, they are essential for our PE lessons. – We have library on Monday for Grade 1A and Friday for Grade 1B so please remember your books on those days. – There is no assembly this Friday so please pick children up from the Heart of School as normal.

Thanks very much! The Grade 1 Team


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