Week 4 in Grade 2A

Hi 2A families,

We’ve had a super week and are really getting into our new routines and creating the way our community will work together this year.

In Literacy, we’ve moved into working in 4 rotating stations; such as: working on Phonics, sight words, handwriting, endurance in reading and working with Ibu Emma on group reading projects. We’ve also been writing a lot in different places and ways. At the beginning of the week, we wrote about what we like about living in Bali. We’ve all found home here and there are lots of different examples of things we love! Have a look below at some of our responses.

In Maths, as Ibu Neni wrote last week, we’ve moved into working in groups which helps us all work at a level that is a great fit for us. We’re working specifically on number skills and place value. We have been making some posters to help us around the class, including a large 100 number chart.

Ibu Neni is doing a great job of teaching us Bahasa. We’re continuing to learn about our families and introducing them. She has many games to play with us to encourage us to practice Bahasa and we learn how to write in another language, which for some, is a first! We’re trying many new things at Green School. Next week, Ibu Neni will teach us how to cook some Indonesian food in our Budaya (culture) class.

We continue to explore what community means to us and how we can build a beautiful community around us. In one lesson, we silently acted out a job that someone does in our GS community then told why we appreciate them. They included:

The gardener because they make everything look beautiful.

The builders because they are clever to make classrooms out of bamboo. And John Hardy cos it’s all his idea.

The cooks because if they weren’t there we’d have to go to a restaurant… or we’d starve!

The teachers because they help us be smart and teach us fun things.

Who are you thankful for in the GS community?

I hope you’ve been able to access our Home Learning Menu and have been connecting with that together. I’ll be handing out a Home Learning challenge next week, so watch out for that.

And finally, we took part in a huge drum circle that is beating for peace around the world. Some parents joined us too, it was great to see you! One comment that made me laugh was, “We never did this in our old school!” Welcome to Green School! If you didn’t make it, here’s a video.


Some other pictures:

Thank you so much for your support. I was glad to see all students came to school ready for sport on Monday, with a hat, water bottle, sports shoes and shorts.

*Remember we have PE tomorrow, and also Library.

*Next Tuesday, we will have a Full Moon Ceremony instead of Primary assembly so please have your child come to school in their ceremony clothes and bring a change in their bags.

* Be saving up your recycling at home and bring them in to school on Friday for our class to take them and sort them in Kembali for Community Time.

Enjoy the day off on Friday!

From, 2A Team


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