Week 4 of Grade 5A

Dear parents,

What busy days we had this week! Footprint, Dismantling ogoh-ogoh and many more!

Footprint ~ Most of the students have had a project they will work on for their Footprint. Now we are looking for the mentor for each of them. If you have someone from home such as yourselves or a connection within the community that you may know to guide them with their projects, please let us know. They also have to update their progress on their digital journal. What a creative way to enhancing their ICT skills and their passion projects. Each student also has a class teacher as their supervisor to monitor their progress.

Dismantling Ogoh-ogoh ~ It was a sad as well as exciting moment when we had to dismantle our ogoh-ogoh. We were so sad that we need to dismantle our solid and hard work piece. At the same time it was an exciting moment as we need to sort the materials from dismantling process to be reused. Some pieces even have their own place at the students’ homes as they brought their favourite part home.

Numeracy ~ We are still consolidating our multiplication on decimal numbers this week before we are moving to division next week.

Budaya Bali ~ Emily with Grace Darling and Taj with his beloved great grandma, Ellen O’Sullivan, have shared their Heroine reports this week. The students who have not yet presented on their chosen heroine should be ready to present.


  1. Please send your child to school wearing Balinese clothes for a Full moon ceremony on Monday, April 30 at 8:15am.

  2. Please send ALL your email regarding your child to BOTH of us desak@greenschool.org and lance.billingsley@greenschool.org to create an effective communication channel.

  3. Remind your child to bring their water bottle during these hot school days to preventing them form dehydration.

Ahh, gone Si Berang-Berang

The rainbow flew down too


Happy weekend everyone!


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