Week 4 (term 2) in Grade 2A

We’ve enjoyed a full week this week and have filled it with good things!

We have moved on to our third thematic study which is ‘Mother Earth and Animals’. Our students have shown lots of excitement and are keen to learn more about our Earth. We have begun with focusing on the Earth’s 7 continents and have created posters to hang up so we can look at them and learn them. We found the continent where we live and also the continent we’re from. On Thursday we used clay to create land forms such as waterfalls, deserts, plains, volcanoes, forests and lakes. Have a look at what we created.

Assembly on Tuesday was full! We were able to sing our Bahasa song again, along with Grade 2B.

In maths, we continue to work on addition with and without regrouping. We played a game where you roll three dice to make a three digit number then add to another roll of a three digit number. Grade 2A love the opportunity to use white boards!

This week we also started looking at subtraction with regrouping. We got out the maths manipulatives to work out what happens when we borrow a ten then learnt a fun chant (with actions!) to remind us of the steps.

“When the top is smaller than the bottom… HELP!

Cross it out

Go next door

Cross it out

Take 10 away

Bring 10 back

Write it down


I hope you’ve heard them chanting this at home and if they haven’t.. ask them to show you!

Our literacy classes are moving forward nicely too. This week in Writing focus, we thought about adjectives and how they spice up our writing. In our emoji writing station this week, we went back and added adjectives to add more details. We are working on our phonics sounds to improve our writing and reading. In our Book Box station, we were hunting for sounds and recording them on our big whiteboard and we continue on our novels and books in Guided Reading. I love seeing the leaps and bounds of improvement thanks to all this hard work (and also fun!)

We’ve also been using the new chrome books as part of our library time. We’re enjoying using technology across our curriculum and our day!

Another new thing we began this week was thinking about Zones of Regulation in Community Time. This helps us recognize which zone we’re in and whether it’s an appropriate zone for where we are. Red shows high emotion with some loss of control, yellow shows excitement or another emotion where its hard to concentrate, green shows ready to learn and blue shows tiredness, lack of energy, relaxation. We recognized that we feel all the different emotions at different times and that’s OK but it’s actually not helpful to be constantly in one zone. We will talk about how to move ourselves from one zone to the next and give ourselves strategies to do so in the coming weeks. For example, we may be in the yellow, or even red zone at break but how do I move into the green zone so I can ready to learn for our Green Studies class?

A look at next week:

-We have a new student joining us on Monday. Please help us to make Byron and his family welcome.

-Please ensure your child is bringing a water bottle to class every day. It’s getting hot hot hot and we need the hydration.

-Thank you for being consistent with sports shoes this week on Mondays and Thursdays. Please check that your child has a hat in school.

Enjoy the weekend!

Grade 2A team

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