Week 4 ~ Oil Gusher, Hunting Day and Life in Bali in 1900s

Dear parents,

We had a really busy week, a pack of a lot of fun and learning.

In math we finished our unit on Geometry (recognising and describing the features of 2D and 3d shapes). We just started an applied math unit in which students design, build, and race life sized cardboard boats. It would be more awesome as grade 5B would join, and race against us and they are up for the challenge. It also fits pretty nicely with the geometry work on area and volume as well.

In Literacy we have continued reading the novel The Breadwinner and it is progressing well as the plot thickens.

Thematic was great fun this week! Last week’s earthquake resulted in a major undersea oil gusher and it is spewing oil and destroying the fishing grounds for Zie and Costaguana nations. Every day that the oil gusher releases oil; wildlife, freshwater supply and food stocks are threatened. They needed to devise a plan to stop the oil gusher.

Here are two videos of how they need to clean oil from a bucket of water using the tools and nature around Tanah Indah. 

IMG_0658 IMG_0662

At the same time they’ve run out of food. They need to find a solution or trade thoughtfully. To solve the food shortage, they finally had a hunting day. In which each student needed to learn how to make and practice how to use a hunting tool. It was an intense, fierce but powerful day for everyone as a nation needed to master six different hunting tools; spear, archery, fishing rod, catapult, bola, and lasso.

In Bahasa Indonesia we learned about various name of shapes in Bahasa and they used those shapes in drawing their pictures, and wrote a paragraph about what they drew.

During Budaya Bali we watched a documentary video about Bali life in 1900s. We had a heated discussion as there were a lot of questions about habits and values Balinese guided from at that period of time. Another media to learn from.

Have a great week.

Kind Regards

The Grade 5A Team


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