Week 5 and 6 in 3B

Dear all parents and families,

Here are some activities we did last week:


We finished our currency poster where the students put down the name of the money and the place of where the money got used. At the end of the project, the students has made a passport as a requirement to visit each country of the money, where they need to calculate how much is their money worth in the other places they have visited.

Presenting money poster

Creating your own money


The students are doing different kinds of activities and games to deepen their understanding about fraction.

Bahasa Indonesia and Indonesian Culture,

The students are learning about different names of foods,  how to express different tastes of the foods that they tried and discussing different kinds of local eating spots.

Green Studies Activities,

The students were harvesting the rice they have taken care couple times during GS period.

Upcoming Event:

Green Camp on May 8 and 9. All information has been out. Please check our emails.

Thursday, May 10 NO SCHOOL.

Best regards,

Grade 3B team


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