Week 5 in 2A

Hi 2A community,

We’ve enjoyed another busy and full week in 2A. We continue to work on a variety of projects and are excited to work on some new ones!

We’re finishing off our World Savers thematic this week with some beautiful art work and informational posters of four World Savers: Ghandi, Jane Goodall, Malala and John Hardy. We had some guests from the Green Educator’s course join us.

We have been busy collecting coins in our class and in the rest of Primary for the Smile Shop, as Ibu Neni wrote about last week. We will spend some time on Friday counting up how much we collected and will report to you next week. It’s been lovely seeing the children’s enthusiasm in this project, knowing that they’re making a difference in the lives of children born with cleft lip. Thank you if you have donated too!

On Friday of last week, we did another DOING project instead of simply learning and discussing World Savers. We borrowed equipment from Green Camp and conducted our own Trash Walk. Many of the kids were surprised how many pieces of small plastic is out on the paths around Green School. We barely got to the end of road and cleared the field before it was time to turn back. Here are some pictures of our adventure..

A date for your diary is Tuesday 20th February. We will be presenting some of our thoughts about World Savers in our Tuesday morning Primary Assembly.

In maths, we’ve moved on to division. The students have enjoyed working with manipulatives to help them problem solve. We split our class in two, so while some do written work, the other group practice strategies through games and then we swap. The children have picked up multiplication and division very well!

In literacy, we’ve got out our book buckets again, which is independent reading using leveled books I’ve chosen. We had free choice for a while but sometimes picking a ‘just right’ book can prove to be a challenge. After lunch, we usually do a mindful/calm our heart rates down time, which includes relaxation, colouring or a finishing task to work on quietly. We’re adding quiet reading using book buckets to our repertoire and it’s fantastic to see the kids getting more excited about books.

We did some ‘Author’s chair’ work this week after doing a writing piece. We had very confident readers and respectful audiences as we listened to each other carefully.

Ibu Neni has introduced Nyepi and our Ogoh Ogoh festival to us this week. On Wednesday we worked so well as a team and carefully carried our wood and materials for building from behind KemBali down to our classroom. We will work on ideas next week and learn a little more of what Nyepi means. This year the Ogoh Ogoh theme is ‘Harmony with Water.’ Discuss your child’s ideas with them this week! I love to see the creativity the students bring to any project.

And finally, in Teman Teman we’ve been working with Grade 6C. This week they brought activities which included dance, games, card tricks and cooking! We got to choose which group we’d like to do and then got to share the snacks from the cooking groups. Next week, we’ll bring some activities to do with them.

That’s it from us for this week. Keep up home reading and spelling, and remember hats for PE/Sport, rain jackets/umbrellas and bug spray please.

Ibu Emma

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