Week 5 in 3B

Dear parents and families,

The transformation of our garden to a rice field is coming along.. yeaahhh. A wonderful achievement has been made by 3 grader farmers. We are still continuing on making the wall and soften the soil.

We also have had a fun day making Tempe, a fermented soy beans. It is our staple food in Indonesia. We Love TEMPE GORENG :).  High School students were teaching us all the process.

In between our days busy working on field, this week we are going to play a farmer game that include Problem Solving and Math Skill.

In Literacy, the students are still working on various genre of writing to practice their skill in making summary, prediction, Visualization and Inference.

In Math, the students are continuing their learning in  Division. Different games and activities are set to have different angle in approaching the concept.

Budaya Indonesia, we are brainstorming about our Ogoh- Ogoh based on the theme. This week we will continue our discussion about Nyepi and Ogoh- ogoh Design.

Bahasa Indonesia, we are still working on asking and giving direction and sequencing event and will be continued with a new topic about “Healty Life”. In This topic students will learn about name sickness, sports, reviewing body parts, descriptive text, clothes and head to toes, “vertical culture for Balinese”, cause and effect.

Kind regards,

3B Team

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