Week 5 in Grade 2

Hi Grade 2 families,

We’ve had a fun and busy week this week. Thank you to those who joined us for Saraswati ceremony on Saturday morning. It was wonderful to see Dina K, Sheryl, Yunita, Nika and Spencer perform a beautiful dance. 

In Maths, we’ve been studying weight. We made a gebogan offering for the ceremony so before putting it together, we weighed all the fruit.

Grade 2 Putih have been enjoying a maths game called ‘Square Battle.’ It’s a fun game for 2 people to practice our skills in visual awareness and space!

We continue to dive into our World Changers thematic by learning about many famous people who have made a difference in this world. These people include, Ghandi, Malala, Ibu Kartini and Jane Goodall.

This week we’ve done some writing and crafts around these World Changers. Grade 2 are beginning to explore how we can make small steps to make a difference. We are now taking action to help people here in Indonesia and hope that in a small but significant way, we too can do something ‘heroic’. We are collecting Indonesian Rupiah coins that anyone chooses to donate and will deliver them to the Smile Shop. In the past, this has been very successful and many unwanted coins found a new home to help people to have life changing operations.  The Smile Shop has helped thousands of people over the years who are born with cleft lip to have craniofacial operations and Green School students have been fund raising and donating to the Smile Shop for over 10 years now.  If you would like to send any coins, your child will soon have a re-used container for such purposes or you can send any coins that you want to donate with your child to school.

We also created a used jar project. We discussed the 3 Rs: Reuse, Recycle and Reduce and thought about how important it is to be responsible with what we use and throw away. In our used jar project, the children took a jar and had to upcycle it into something new. Some ideas included: glitter jars, pencil pots, a lamp and a game.

Grade 2 Putih spent some time with the Geckos early years class this week as part of teman-teman. We prepared a colouring book for them by drawing just the outline of the picture for them to colour in. We hope to spend another time with them soon so we can see how the book turns out!

We hope you’ve had a great week and listen out for more ways that we’re practicing being World Changers.

Grade Two Crew

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