Week 5 in Grade 2

Hi Grade 2 family,

What a fun and busy week we’ve had! We continue to work on our Gaia thematic which encompasses “Sharing Stories” as a way to connect with each other and celebrate diversity as well as creating our class Putih and Merah Ogoh Ogoh.

Both classes have been creating good/evil characters and created a setting box for a puppet show. We have been busy writing our stories down and on Wednesday we worked together with both classes to show our friends what we had created and made. What creativity flows in Grade 2!

Our Ogoh Ogoh bases are now ready thanks to the amazing maintenance men that work in Green School so next week we shall be very busy working on them. A lot of our Indonesian Cultural class has been focusing on Nyepi and the Ogoh Ogoh parade so that our students will have a good understanding of what is being celebrated and how. This week we also took part in a beautiful Full Moon ceremony which is another way for us to understand and celebrate culture here in Bali.

On Wednesday we had a visitor called Hanna who told us all about turtles in a presentation. She told us of the troubles turtles face in the ocean as well as showing us some different types of turtles and telling us about the work she does mostly in Kalimantan. She taught us to not support the selling of turtle eggs for food and not buy turtle shell jewellery. A way that we can help is to clean the beaches of plastic and other rubbish. Many turtles eat jellyfish and now there are many turtles who are in trouble as they eat plastic bags in the ocean thinking they are jellyfish.

On Thursday we did a fun mindfulness activity with pasta and green beans. We had to close our eyes and move the 4 different materials into 4 corners of the table just by using touch. We then created pictures from the pasta materials. We could only look at our own pictures and put full attention and concentration into that without talking to others or moving from our seats. The classes did so well at it and loved this activity! Our challenge is to give the same attention and mindfulness to other quiet activities we complete at our desks! It was a great challenge to work together and wait our turn to get the materials back into the small bags on our group table without getting them on the floor.

In literacy we continue to work in literacy rotation groups on phonics, writing and reading, maths with time and introducing elapsed time and in bahasa our focus is public places and transportation.

Have a lovely weekend,

Grade 2 team

Upcoming dates:

5 March- Ogoh Ogoh parade (more info to come)

6-8 March- Nyepi days (no school)

22 March- Student Led Conference day (not to be missed!)

And remember:

-PW days are Tuesday and Thursday: shoes, hat, water bottle

-Always have a change of clothes in your bag as you never know when you might need it. (Hint: think rain and mud mixed together with an outdoor campus!!)


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