Week 5 in Grade 2A

Dear 2A community,

Wow! We’ve packed a lot into a week and we haven’t even finished Friday yet!

This is a picture heavy blog post, but please make sure you read to the end as we have a *** Home Learning Challenge *** posted at the end.

We’ve taken on a few new projects this week. These include Teman Teman with our friends upstairs 2B, a community mascot project, wordless book projects, cooking in Budaya Indonesia kelas and taking part in Full Moon Ceremony.

On Monday, we joined up with 2B to do Teman Teman (Bahasa for friends). Our challenge was to work with a 2A/2B partner and draw their portrait, while asking questions about each other. Here are some of our results…

On Tuesday morning, we took part in the Full Moon ceremony. We had prepared offerings with Ibu Risma on Monday afternoon so we ready. We arrived in our Bali ceremony clothes and enjoyed the ceremony together. For some, it was a new experience and others were able to set the example and show us how to participate mindfully.

Another week long project we worked on was creating ‘Community Mascots’ as part of our Thematic focus. The design brief was to create a community mascot from recycling materials that would represent a desired classroom behaviour.

Here was the process:

  1. Design on paper and create a KemBali shopping list.

  2. Go to KemBali and collect the items we need using our shopping list.

  3. Plan and create, glue and tape while being mindful of waste.

  4. Paint and decorate.

  5. Write a description.

  6. Present our mascots to our classroom community.

And so, we introduce our Community Mascots… (some students photos are missing as they were out at a soccer match.)

We were very creative this week! Ibu Karen had us complete a fun project in Art. We have been looking at the element of line. On this day, we drew lines with pebbles and explored the variety of marks we could make in black sand.

And a few other things from around our classroom:

What a week!

Next week we will be introducing Home Readers, working more on place value in Math and finishing up our Community Thematics by creating something new in our garden area, amongst other things.

*** Home Learning Challenge! ***

We would love to see some of the things you’re working on at home. Please select a Home Learning challenge from the Menu in the ‘Physical’ column. It reads like this:

Play an Outside Game, Go Hiking, Go for a Walk or Bike Ride in your Neighborhood, Go to the Beach (take back home or to Kembali a bag of trash)

Or you may have another idea that fits in this section. Please take a picture of your child/family while completing one of these challenges and send it to emma.kynaston@greenschool.org by NEXT FRIDAY 15 Sept at the latest. Have your child type or dictate a caption to show what they did and indicate whether you are happy to share your picture on our blog.

*** Home Learning Challenge! ***

Thanks for your ongoing support!

Grade 2A team


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