Week 5 in Grade 2B!

Thanks to Ibu Nita for the fun and educational lessons in Bahasa Indonesia and Indonesian Studies. The children really enjoyed studying about and making owls this week!

We met up with our downstairs neighbors from Grade 2a this week during Teman Teman time and did some really nice community building as we drew each other’s portraits! See the attached photo!

Thanks to Ibu Karen for the great photos during Art class. The children are looking at the element of LINE and doing some lovely work with sand and stones! See the photos attached!

We shall start sending home PM readers today. Please have your child read the book to a grown up or older sibling and return it each day to trade it in for a new one. If the book is a bit longr, feel free to keep it for 2 or more  days.  This daily practice will be very beneficial. Thank you for your support.

Our Full Moon Ceremony went well and the children continue to have fun throughout the day and throughout the curriculum. Tuesday was a specialist filled day with Green Studies, Science, Art and Music! Other days find us in the gardens, the drama room, the music room, p.e., Sports and in the library. Our students really enjoy the wide variety of fun and learning that they are experiencing. Have a great weekend! Pak Jerry, Ibu Nita and Ibu Peni

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