Week 5, Term 2 in 2A

Good morning parents and Grade 2 family,

This week we have dived into learning with a great attitude! We’ve had a week full of literacy, spelling, numeracy with addition and subtraction with AND without regrouping (phew!!), discovering more about the world in Thematics, brain breaks and movement challenges as well as all our wonderful specials which our students love.

(Thematics: Finishing off our mud land forms, labeling and reporting to our classmates)

We also welcomed Byron into Grade 2A on Monday. We hope he and his family very quickly feel at home in our 2A community.

In Teman Teman on Monday, most students in our class prepared for a teaching time with Kindergarten. We decided that one of our skills is drawing animals, so next Monday we will go down to Kindy to complete the lesson plan we created.

This week,  I’ll take the opportunity to cover what we do in Community Time, which is first thing in the morning for 35 minutes. We pack each session full with good things! It’s an opportunity to get our students grounded in the day, spend time in conversation, welcome each other and instill some precious Green School values.

On Mondays, we enjoy telling our Weekend News. We do this in different ways. Sometimes we do show and tell if someone brings something to show us, other times we are a listening audience as we hear friends retell their weekend, sometimes we draw a quick picture on the whiteboards then tell about it and sometimes we tell a partner our weekend then we report back our partner’s weekend news.

On Tuesdays, we take part in Primary Assembly. This week we welcomed a double act from Spain who entertained us with circus tricks and puppets. We were fortunate enough to have Ana and Sergio in class to do some games and tricks along with 2B.

On Wednesdays, we look after our beautiful garden. Sometimes we simply weed, sweep and tidy and other times we plant or harvest.

On Thursdays, we are mindful. I love how mindfulness looks different each week. We have drawn, coloured, paused, played and lay down. Some of our favourite mindful moments have been body scans, mindful colouring and making patterns with beans and lentils. We also practice mindful moments throughout the week. This week we did some Zen drawing as we focused carefully and silently in our own space on colour and line.

On Fridays, we do yoga and later in the morning fit in a Kembali run. I love seeing the kids taking responsibility for recycling and are able to see the process of sorting and reusing. During this Friday time we have also covered Zones of Regulation (as I reported about last week) and have spent time exploring our Green School IRespect values.

As you can see our mornings are busy! It’s a great time to settle our class and spend time as a community together before we begin our day. Thank you so much for dropping your children off on time, it means our students can enjoy and participate in all these morning Community times.


-Spelling sheets and Home Readers are coming home each week. If your child has a home reader at home that they haven’t read in some time, please return it next week. Thank you for supporting our new spelling programme to develop our young spellers.

-Next week is DANCE WEEK. Look out for flyers around to learn about all the extra special things going on next week both during class and after school.

-Thank you parents for being prepared for the rains! Almost all our students had raincoats or umbrellas- they were more organised than their 2A teachers.

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