Week 5 Term 3

Dear Grade 5B Parents,

Welcome back to another week in class 5B. We are now well into our studies and term and planning all of the exciting stuff we have coming up!

In Literacy the students have been discussing the theme of friendship a little more, learning about what a true friend looks like. We’ve had some beautiful dialogue about what it means to abuse a friendship and what it means to be a ‘bystander’ in situations. This ties in to our class novel- Out of my Mind. The students wrapped up this topic today by writing some really powerful poems about friendship. These will be shared with high school for our V-day celebrations next week.

In Maths, we are really going deep into fractions and decimals. We are working on converting fractions to decimals and understanding the value of a decimal in relation to a whole number. Students are seeing connections and revisiting old skills to help them along the way. We began to use front row an online resource to supplement their Math practice. Some students have asked for some extra Math practice and I am happy to give this to them, to keep them practicing at home.

In Thematics we finished designing our sculptures. The students disassembled various things in class from old clocks to old vcr’s. Within their groups, they cannot wait to begin assembling and reconstructing their creations from scraps. We visited Pak Jason’s working space and he did a mini lesson with the students all about design, what to include, what to think about before building and just some basic skills they will need when using the tools. We can’t wait to get started. The process itself is exciting.

The Drama production is coming along nicely! The students have been practicing with Ibu Penelope and are really getting into their characters! Please continue to practice the scripts with your child at home.

These are just a few of the highlights this week.

listening attentively to Pak Jason- well most of them are…

Independent Math time

ICT time and independent work

Important Upcoming Dates to put in your calendar:

March 2– Grade 5 Play Production

March 9– Student Led Conferences! Your times have been emailed to you already. Please let me know you received this.

March 15– End of TERM 3

April 4– 1st Day back TERM 4

April 16-20 Sustainable Solutions week! Details to come

May 24– Footprints GRADE 5 FINAL PROJECT Details to come

Thanks for reading!

Grade 5B Team


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