Week 6, 2nd Term in Grade 4 Merah

Dear Lovely Parents and Family,

Even though Bali rainy season is pouring us the children in grade 4 Merah are remaining focused and working hard.


Taking ownership of our reading materials is the focus of this week. We all made sure to find at least 1 good-fit book. Silent reading time is getting better and better!


We have been working hard to become fluent in subtraction, and addition applying our knowledge of inverse operations to check our work for accuracy! Reading, practicing the “Word Problem Laws”  and understanding how to solve word problems, by using clues to choose the correct operation, continues to be a a focus.

In preparation for our upcoming unit, Multiplication Foundations, please help your child to practice their multiplication tables by doing basic fact review!

Bahasa and Indonesia Culture :

In addition, they are busy with activities every week by visiting local schools, interacting with local friends, doing activities together, studying together, and sharing their experiences with them. Children are also busy preparing their projects titled “Kampung Indonesia – Indonesian Village”.

They made various mini traditional houses from various regions of the Indonesian archipelago and they will be exhibiting later at the Thematic Exhibition in the next two weeks.

Here are some photos that show their excitement about activities this week!


Best Regards,

Grade 4 Merah Team

Ibu Dina, Ibu Vally, Ibu Tessa

Some note :

  1. Please mark your calendars for this years SCIENCE FAIR on Friday 14th Dec.

  2. Primary Thematic Fair on Thursday 13th Dec.

  3. Please remind your children to bring their Hat, water bottle, extra clothes (because it’s rainy seasons), and mosquito spray.

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