Week 6! A wet and calm week!

Dear parents,

Even though Bali rainy season is pouring us the children in 5A are remaining focused and working hard.

After a dramatic time last week, we are having more relaxing game days this week during thematic. Each nation calculated and trading wisely their shared part of oil and gold mining with resources they lack with. They also made some planting tools using natural materials such as coconut husks and banana leaves. We ended this week with indoor activities: an argumentative panel why they are necessary for the group to stay in the shelter, and then continued with 5-10 min quiet time challenge.

This week and next week the students are continuing their geometry skill challenge in making cardboard boats during Numeracy time.

As part of Budaya Bali lesson, the students in small groups are so enthusiastic researching food, which represent their continents they are from. They are going to prepare, cook and present their local cuisine next week.

Happy Weekend everyone!


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