Week 6 at Grade 5A

Dear parents,

Perhaps you have noticed that grade 5 students had set their booth this week for their bake or food sale during break, lunch or after school this week. There will be more booths next week. The purpose of the food sale is to help them raise funds to launch their projects. Please support them.

The students might talked to you about their Footprint projects and if not, spark a conversation with them about their project. They are expected to be able to share all the updates with you. It is a great way for them to enhance their understanding of their projects and sharing skills as well as the part of their learning journey.

Feel free to support them or help at home with anything they may need. At this stage, we are being very flexible with the times students can have to work on these projects. They are progressing really well and we are very proud of them. We also appreciate all of your help and support in their footprint project.

We also had a great afternoon Monday with our buddy-grade 2B.

Upcoming Dates:

May 24th (Thurs) – FOOTPRINTS SHOWCASE – Sangkep (all morning)

June 6th (Weds) – Beji Guwang Hidden Canyon Excursion & Sleepover at Green Camp

June 7th (Thurs)  – Day Excursions with Green Camp & return home to parents

June 8th (Friday) – Graduation Lunch at Green Village

June 11th (Mon)  – Grade 5 to visit Middle school for an introduction session with MS teachers

June 12th (Tues) – Last Primary Assembly & G5 to officially Graduate into Middle School

June 13th (Weds) – Grade 5 students to attend the Middle School assembly

June 14th (Thurs) – Early dismissal – Time to be confirmed.


This week is the last week for your child to borrow Library books. All books are to be returned to the Library from May 21st – May 25th. Please note that Library books MUST be returned before your child’s end of year Report can be released.

Happy Weekend Everyone


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