Week 6 in 2A

Hi parents,

We’ve had a busy week even though it’s only been 4 days!

Our class loves Monday morning sharing time in community. This week Sophie brought in something special that I wanted to share and celebrate on our blog. It was her first horse riding competition and she got 1st place! Congratulations, Sophie!!

We performed very well in assembly both doing a mindfulness ‘kind note’ activity and doing our bahasa fashion show and song. I’m sure you were very proud of your kids. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any pictures of the event but it was great to see lots of parents’ support.

On Wednesday we worked in the garden and did a long session on bar graphs in maths. We harvest a bountiful amount but it perhaps didn’t reach you as the kids were excited to eat the tomatoes and rosella. Here are some photos:

One highlight of our week was our sharing session with Grade 2B. On Friday we split up our classes to have two groups to share their favourite activity from our Fairy Tales thematic. Our sharing included: magic shoe, map, stories, maths graphs, a length and a volume project, Balinese wayang puppet, fairytale character and dragon painting with descriptions. Our classes enjoyed the time to share our learning and celebrate the end of a very fun thematic. Next week we’ll dive into our final thematic of grade 2 and do some reflection on which thematics we’ve enjoyed and what we’ve learned.


Tuesday and Wednesday are full camp days. Arrive at school as usual at 8:15, we’ll go to assembly first then onto camp for the day. Pick up 3:15 at HOS. Wednesday, meet in the classroom at 8:15 and pick up at HOS 3:15. Please send your child’s information (see email) to Ibu Rachael before Tuesday. Please, please remember to pack your child a hat and a waterbottle as we’ll be even more outdoors than we usually are!

-Next Thursday we’ll send out an email giving details of our joint Grade 2 trip on Friday 25th May.

-A quick reminder about Library books: All Books to be Returned –  May 21st – May 25th. Please note that Library books MUST be returned before End of year Reports can be released. 

Thanks again for your continued support,

Grade 2A team


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