Week 6 in 3B

Dear parents,

Hope all of you had a good and relaxing week.`

We had fun the water system on our rice field and have it ready for the planting. The students were working hard on making the water hole which is connecting to all rice field section and make it sure to flowing.

This week we will take a break from our rice field as we need to wait for the seedling to be ready to plant. We will start to play the Farmer Game.

In Literacy, we have started the reading group based on students level of English and their Reading habit. We have practiced some reading strategy in comprehending the text.

In Math, we continue our work in division, the relation between multiplication and division and do some activities to practice/ memorize the number pattern (3X5 = 15. 15:3=5) and also multiplying with tens.

In Bahasa Indonesia, the students are starting a new topic about “Sakit Apa”. We have started by brainstorming some sickness and how to say it in the language and make a flash card out of it. This lesson will be continued by reviewing their body parts.

In Indonesian Culture, we will discuss about the Nyepi Theme this year. The reason why it is chosen related to the global issue we have and Balinese life principal about living which is called ” Tri Hita Karana”. Tri means three, HIta means Harmony and Karana means Causes. Together it means, Three causes to have harmony in life.

Upcoming event:

Wed, Feb 14th : V-Day Celebration. There will be a Flash Mob dance on the field from 1:50 t0 2:00. and then followed by whole school assembly, but Primary Students will just stay until 2:30. Please encourage your child to come to school in Black, Pink or Red.

Best regards,


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