Week 6 in 3B

Dear parents and families,

Week 6 has flown by for us here in 3B and the children have worked conscientiously and with good focus.

In Thematic lessons this week we have looked at how body language varies from culture to culture. To aid us with our thinking we studied how different countries use different forms of greetings. Whilst for us sticking out your tongue might seem a rude way of saying “Hello” in Tibet it is acceptable and a way of showing people that you are not the “Black tongued King of Tibet”.

The students then had the opportunity to act out these greetings and try to recall the country of origin before recording their results.

Here are some more below:

In literacy the children have looked at using dictionaries to check and correct their spellings; they have worked on using strong adjectives, verbs and adverbs to make their writing more interesting and are now finalising a piece of creative writing to be published next week.

Here they are hard at work:

In Mats the class have been looking at subtraction and how to subtract using the column method:

The class also had the opportunity to hear and speak to a musician who makes amazing instruments from bamboo – Pak Rizal. If you want to hear more he is playing in Ubud this weekend

Indonesian Studies : We were sharing a story called ” The Legend of Bali Strait”

Next week we are going to continue to retell the story in a form of words and/or Pictures.

Bahasa Indonesia : We were learning about what we may have in a biography, reading one sample of a short Biography, comprehension question about the biography.

Next week: we are going to compose a biography, drafting, editing and publishing (use it as a class display)

Next week:

Thematic : We will continue on Body Language and Cultural meanings.

We will also be celebrating World Bamboo Day with a SURPRISE CHALLENGE!

Math : Partitioning numbers, using the inverse to check answers.

English : Continuing on parts of speech, story writing and looking at Traditional Tales

Friendly reminder:

Sport shoes every Monday and Thursday

Library book every Friday

Happy reading and have a good weekend.


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