Week 6 in Grade 2A

Dear All,

We are now at week 6! How quick it is! We started our new Thematics this week and it is about Hari Raya/Holy Days in Bali. Our focus in this theme is that introducing the children about how Balinese prepare the ceremony including what we need to put in the offerings through a mindful explanation since we do not want to include any religious part in it. They will be experienced in the process of creating or preparing the offerings just like Balinese. We will keep you update via the pictures! These are few shots from today about making holy crackers which are the part of the main offering.

Literacy this week the children learned deeply about certain phonics sounds like al, all, ough, augh, r sounds, ph, wh, the sounds are taught based on students’ ability. They also composed sentences using those sounds. And since it was Valentines’ Day this week, we wrote friendship poems and piece of writing about love (My heart holds…)

Maths this week was about introducing division strategy and the children tackled it well. They were taught that division is about sharing things equally to some groups. The children used the small blocks to help them to count about division. We have counted the coins that we collected from 5 classes in Primary during Maths times as well. We are happy to announce that we got more than 3 million rupiah to donate to the Smile Shop! Thank you for your contribution in this humanity project!

Bahasa and Indonesian Studies took on learning about Indonesian food served at Green School. We tried to composed the topic authentically close to their experiences/life. They could tell their favourite food and the ones that they do note like in simple sentence. We also created Chinese handcraft related to Chinese New Year celebration. Excitingly, the children designed our ogoh-ogoh for this year parade in part of Nyepi celebration. Nyepi is Balinese new year where we celebrate it by parading the ogoh-ogoh to scare away the evil spirit a day before Nyepi and  Nyepi day is the silent day for Balinese to do meditation, fasting and reflection to get ready for new year ahead.

presenting their ogoh-ogoh design

We spent our time with Grade 6 during Teman-Teman program awesomely. We share stories, dance and food together!


-next Tuesday 20th Feb, Grade 2A will share their learning experience in the Morning Assembly, hope to see you there at 8:25!

-please kindly remind your child to bring water bottle, hat, umbrella/raincoat, mosquito spray/lotion everyday

-PE shoes on every Monday and Thursday

-Library books on every Thursday

Have a wonderful long weekend!

Ibu Neni

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