Week 6 in Grade 5

Dear parents,

We had a really busy but productive week for our week 6 in grade 5.

Monday, We kicked this week of by starting Footprint officially. The Footprints project is a culmination of the students’ experience in Primary.  It is meant to prepare them for their later Quest and Greenstone projects.  The students choose a topic or product that is meaningful to them.  The objective is to do something that gives back to the community (a class, Green School as a whole, the local community, the Bali community, or the global community). The project runs from May 20 to June 11(presentation day – via open gallery walk).  The students will be given thematic time to work on the project (two periods a day from Monday – Wednesday), but can take some other class time, if required (by mentor or other resource availability).

Mentors are meant to be resources specific to the project topic that help the students accomplish their goals.  Mentors can come into class, but can also take students off-campus, provided Green School, the class teachers, and the students’ parents are all informed and have consented to the excursion. Mentors help where and when they can, but do not need to be present at every session.  They generally guide the projects to help keep students on track and help them to do things they might not have the skills to do (e.g., helping to set up the 3D printer, or it is not safe for the students to do (e.g., welding).

One other topic we would like to raise is that some projects will require work outside of school time and, potentially, off of school grounds.  If that is the case, we ensure that the mentors have communicated the student’s departure to both the Grade 5 Putih teachers as well as the students’ parents (and also that parents have approved by email) in advance of the excursion.

Updates: We would like to do a quick check-in as we approach the half-way mark of our projects this week. Everyone is off and meeting with mentors (many of which are parents, and we are very grateful for that!). Even if you are not your child’s mentor for this project, please check-in with them over this weekend and see where they are in terms of project progress originally written in their Warrior Planners. Many have already met with their mentors and are on track to finish in the next week, while others are recreating their projects entirely which is okay too. Our intention is to get a feel for levels of stress and how we can continue to support such a broad range of wonderful projects happening around our campus.

Tuesday Highlight: Some grade 5 students showed case what they have learnt in class during primary assembly. It started with the awesome grade 5 band performance and then they did the survey of favourite snack grade 4 chosen, created a bar graph for the findings, shared their research about the 6 Indonesian heroines, and ending with the energetic marimba vibes.


Thursday, May 30 no school because of the Ascension Day.

Happy Weekend everyone!

Grade 5 Team


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