Week 6 in Grade 5

Hello, Grade 5 parents!

This week we continued to create community in our core grouping classes, setting routines and fostering a sense of welcome and stability.  We now have a regular schedule for cycle 1 (until the October break).  Please look at our schedule and assist your child with preparation for PW (Physical Wellbeing – i.e., gym) to ensure they have the correct footwear and attire to participate.

Cycle 1 Schedule – Grade 5

Another aspect of our classroom that we will establish is the home learning menu.  If students would like to extend their learning, they can engage in some of the items on the menu.  These are not required, as we know that Green School students are often busy with many commitments after school.  However, should students choose to engage, they can extend their classroom learning. We should note that it’s possible that these will change over the year, so we will send a new list if or when we decide an update is necessary.

Grade 5 Home Learning Menu

In addition to settling in, we added some new aspects to the basic class schedule.  On Wednesday we took part in an acro-yoga class, facilitated by Ibu Sarah. The students all had fun and were very enthusiastic to participate!

On Thursday, the students enjoyed morning fitness, getting active and energizing ahead of the day.

In maths, we worked on rounding and estimation and, in order to prepare for the upcoming multiplication unit, we engaged in games to review the students’ knowledge of multiplication tables.

We also continued with our Sense of Place thematic that asks students to consider who they are in relation to their community and to Bali.  The students created poems about their feelings, dreams and memories.  From there, they interviewed classmates and family members to understand how they are perceived by others and used that information to create masks that compare what is seen on the outside against what is felt on the inside. When finished, students began creating photo wordles using adjectives and characteristics that describe them.

Next week is a 3-day week and we look forward to keeping our momentum running in all subjects. We hope you all enjoy a safe and restful long weekend!

Best regards,

Grade 5 Team

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