Week 6 Term 2 in 5B

Dear 5B Parents,

Even though the December break is starting to approach us the children in 5B are remaining focused and working hard.


There have been dramatic times in our Thematic lessons recently as in Tanah Indah gold has been discovered and the various tribes are having to struggle with limited resources and the changes that new found wealth will bring. They have also been learning that with power comes responsibilities and the different roles in the group provide different pressures.

However, on a more relaxing note the tribes have also created games for their down time using natural materials such as pebbles and banana leaves:

The terrariums we created in our 3D shapes Maths unit have been completed and seedlings planted. We are now watching and waiting to see which ones will grow best:

This week and next the children will be putting their geometry skills to the test through designing, building and eventually we hope, successfully floating a full-size cardboard boat as part of an ongoing Maths project.

In Literacy the children are writing different genres to improve their style and content. This week we worked on a recount of a tale about a fox and a child which fits suitably with our class novel “Pax” which is drawing to its conclusion over the next two weeks.

Thank you for reading,

The Grade 5 Team.


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