Week 7 and PTC Next Week

Dear Families, It has been a busy week, lots of celebrations and fun activities completed. To celebrate World Bamboo day, grade 3 got a visit by Rizal Rasendriya, a musician who created musical instruments from bamboo. Rizal created his own instrument that was a combination of three different instruments. It was a very unique one and could produce very beautiful sounds that went well in his song. The celebration was continued with a bamboo challenge during thematic this week. Students needed to build the tallest, most steady and unique bamboo structure with materials provided such as bamboo skewers, strings, banana leaves, dough and stones. They learned to communicate as they created a plan together, compromise ideas and work as a team to build a bamboo structure with limited materials. It was a great way to connect to our theme of Communication! Today, we moved on to communication in the animal kingdom. After a class lesson on the visual, auditory, chemical and tactile ways animals can communicate, students took a trip around campus to observe the different ways our own animals here transmit messages. They followed ants, listened to geese, observed bunnies, and watched fish!

Students continued writing their story in Literacy and at this time, they are in the publishing stage. They have made a book cover for their story and written their story in the publishing paper. Their story books are nearly finished! In reading, they have learned how to choose a just the right book to read during DEAR time by following the Five Finger Rule. Reading log was also introduced to keep track the books that they read and along with a short review about the story. This week, Ibu Dora read aloud “An Ant and Grasshopper” story to the students to introduce a folktale story.

Counting, counting, counting, we were talking about algorithm, adding and subtracting with and without regrouping this week and would like to continue it next week. Using words to explain the way to solve a math equation is highly recommended. We always encourage students to explain their strategies used and also introduce the new way for them to explore. They worked in pairs and some worked in a smaller groups with a teacher to meet their learning needs.

In Bahasa, we went out to interview Indonesian community members around the campus. Students asked for information using the questions that they have learned in the classroom and they created a few more questions helped by their teachers or even independently. Then, they used the information they got to write a biography about the person that they had interviewed before. During Cultural class, they heard a story about how Bali strait was formed, called Manik Angkeran and they will continue the discussion for the next meeting.

Reminder: Parent Teacher Conference Day. Please read the email subject-headed “Parent Teacher Conferences” that was sent earlier this week. Through that email you can access the PTC sign-up sheet and book yourself a time to talk to your child’s Classroom Teachers on Friday September 29th.

Some important notes about PTC day:

  1. You are welcome to bring your own adult translator, if English is not a strong language for you.

  2. PTC day is a no-school day for your Primary aged children, as all teachers are involved in PTCs.

  3. Children do not attend PTCs – Student Led Conferences come later in the year.

  4. If your child is involved in Learning Support or ELL and you want a conference with these teachers on PTC day, then email them directly.

  5. Specialist Teachers will be available for drop-in conferences on PTC day. No appointments needed. Art, Music, Science, and Drama teachers will be in their classrooms. Green Studies in the Art Space, and PE in the Gym.

Thank you and have a great weekend.

Grade 3A Team


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