Week 7 in 2A

Dear 2A families,

This week we welcomed Sophie back to our class so we are now all back together as a class of 17!

Quick important note to begin with: Please ensure your child is coming to school with a water bottle. It’s one of our big daily aims to keep your children well hydrated! We don’t have spare cups in the classroom in order to cut down on waste and to cut out shared bacteria from sharing cups so it’s important everyone has their own bottle.

We presented beautifully at Tuesday’s assembly. Although we didn’t get any pictures (oops!), it was great to see so many parents come to support us. The class presented their thoughts on our World Savers thematic. They wrote all their own riddles and the information poster cards. Pablo, Melati, Antonia and Ode did a great job of impersonating and dressing like the four World Savers we studied. The rest of the class did a fabulous job of reading and speaking so clearly for everyone to hear. We are very proud of their efforts! Our art work is now hanging up in our classroom. You’re welcome to step in in the mornings before school starts at 8:15 to have a closer look. We created the art work by cutting large boards and a portrait of the faces into four pieces. We then had to draw our quarter and we put them together. After that we painted them and added recycled materials such as fabric, bottle tops, coconut husk and beads. They look great as I’m sure you’ll agree.

Ibu Nicki also opened our new MOVING PARTS playground on Tuesday. Grade 2A and 2B went up to the mini field on Wednesday morning to explore before break. We thought about how to keep safe and how to get creative! A reminder: The moving parts playground should only be used during morning and lunch break, not before or after school.

Ibu Neni is now leading us in our new Thematic, Hari Raya, as she wrote about last week. This week we learned about traditional Balinese clothes for different occasions, such as for the community temple, to weddings, wedding parties and to home temples. We even had a go at designing our own outfits on paper. Ibu Neni had a little quiz where she cut up parts of pictures and we had to guess whether they were clothing from a boy or a girl.

We continue to work on our Ogoh Ogoh design. The theme this year is “Harmony with Water.’ We created a mash up of all our ideas, although the name is yet to be confirmed! This week we created the wings out of cardboard and leaves. We aim to use as many natural materials as we can.

In Bahasa, Ibu Neni has been teaching us more about food and how to describe it. We learnt some words such as enak (delicious), tawar (plain), pedas (spicy), manis (sweet) and pahit (bitter). Ask your children to describe your food at home!

Ogoh Ogoh making as a team

In Maths, we continue on our time unit. We have been busy creating our own clocks so we can use them to show different times of the day. So far we are recording and telling time to 5 minutes using both digital and analogue clocks.

Have a great week!

Upcoming Dates: Friday March 9th- SLC’s please be sure to come to the classroom at your designated time. Please also visit specialist classes without needing to make an appointment time.

Thursday March 15- NYEPI celebrations at school. Details to come

March 16- April 3- TERM BREAK 

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