Week 7 in 3B

Dear parents and families,

We have started our week last week by having an activity to celebrate World Bamboo Day during our Thematic time where the students were challenged to build a structure using a bamboo skewers, dough and a rope to build the strongest, tallest and the most stable to hold up an egg. The students were engaged to work collaboratively and apply their communication skill to discuss their plan and to listen for a suggestion for improvement. The activity is started by designing the structure where they need to involve all the ideas from each group member and then we went to the Sangkep to have a flat surface to build it. The students were having a thrilled once they have succeed getting up from their failure and build the new one successfully.

Another activity that we did were exploring the school to observe school’s animals behavior. The students were observing a certain behavior that mean/communicating something to them. This activity followed by they completed a table in their books about animals and how they express themselves. They then created their own animal mixed from three other species and imagined how they would express themselves.

In English, we are continuing exploring some different types of fairy tale, discussing some common element that most of fairy tale have, such as the character, the setting and the events in the story.

In Math we are starting our Multiplication week by counting pattern and creating our own time table in 2,3,4,5 and 10.

Bahasa Indonesia: We were composing our biography and did a final writing in a paper with the students’photo.

Indonesian Culture: we recall some information about the story of “The Legend of Bali Strait” and re tell it in a form of pictures or/and words

This week:

Thematic : We are continuing our animal communication. The students will see a documentary video about animal communication, make a fun fact card about animal behavior,  Designing a class zoo with an invented animal (mixed animal body parts) where the students have to describe about the special quality that they have, special features, habitat, special power etc.

Math : We are continuing working on Multiplication with different strategies and activities.

Literacy: Finish up our Fairy Tale writing

Bahasa Indonesia: We will talk about Family, Family member / family tree, Adjectives to describe one family member, Suffix “-nya” indicating possession means her or his.

Example: Rambutnya pirang (His/her hair is blonde)

Indonesia Culture: We will learn the naming system in Bali

Upcoming event:

PTC (Parents Teachers Conference) on Friday 29th 2017. No school for your child.

Thank you for reading,

3B team

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