Week 7 in Grade 2

Hi Grade 2 Community,

This week we celebrated World Bamboo (18.9.19). We learned some facts about bamboo… some we knew already and some were new to us. These include that bamboo is actually a type of grass, bamboo is as strong as steel and that bamboo can be used for medicine. We wrote some facts down and then went to celebrate Bamboo Day with Pak Rizal and the rest of our Early Years and Primary communities. We also had a special visitor, Maya, from Grade 11 who gave us a mesmerizing performance on her unicycle. We danced and listened to Pak Rizal’s amazing music on his handmade bamboo instruments.

After that, we explored our campus to find some bamboo plants to do some sketching. We looked carefully at the parts of the bamboo and sketched. At the end, those who wanted to share their art work had the opportunity to do so.

On Tuesday, we enjoyed another visit to Starlings for our Teman Teman time. The students are really enjoying building relationships with their buddies and many of them found their buddy to dance with during Bamboo Celebration Assembly.  This week it was our turn to visit the Starlings classroom and we spent time reading books to our buddies and played some games with them.

On Wednesday our whole school took part in ‘DROP EVERYTHING AND CLEAN’. Grade 2 classes spent time tidying up and cleaning the class. This included tidying up our cubbies, book areas and sweeping the floors.

In Bahasa this week, we looked at family members and made family trees. In Culture Studies, we took a closer look at the main islands in Indonesia and had a puzzle to solve to find the names for the right islands.

Speaking with local staff around campus to practice our Bahasa.

Our Grade Two students are well established in our classes and are now discussing ways to show responsibility as part of our Thematics class. This week, we have been discussing how we can help each other look after our learning spaces and we now working towards putting together ‘class jobs’ or ‘piket’ in Bahasa Indonesia. Some ideas have included collecting home readers, line leaders, teacher helper, shoes and cubbies managers, and materials organiser.

We hope you have had a wonderful week of trying new things and showing kindness!

Grade Two Team


-Sign up for Parent Teacher Conferences through email sent by Primary School Leadership. You can also sign up to listen to a presentation from our specialists to find out what your children have been doing in their classes. We’re looking forward to chatting with you.

-Next Friday 27th September is a NO SCHOOL day. This our Parent Teacher Conference Day.

-Grade 2 will be sharing in the Primary Assembly on Tuesday 2nd October at 9:45 in the gym.

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