Week 7 Term 4 and Grade 5 CAMP!!

Dear 5B Parents, We are nearing the end of the school year and still so much to do! Starting this Thursday May 24, 2018, with our Grade 5 camp. The students are to arrive at school as normal with their overnight bags and items ready to go. We will be accommodating the students in tents on the field with quite a lot of activities planned for that evening and Friday.

Thursday May 25th are also our Footprint presentations! The students have been working so hard on these projects and we are thrilled for you to see what they’ve accomplished and learned on this journey.  The students will be set up in the Sangkep from 8:45 to 12:15 with a snack break in between at 10:25. Please feel free to come between any of those times. The students will be showcasing their work to other primary, middle and high school classes.

Upcoming Dates:

Thursday 24th May AM – FOOTPRINTS showcase in Sangkep 9-12pm

Thursday 24th May PM – SLEEPOVER at Green School (on field) This will involve assembling Tents on the field, BBQ dinner & campfire & movie night. We have 10 members of staff supervising the students overnight plus extra security and Pecalang in place.

Friday 25th May AM Sunrise wake up call for Ceremony on the bridge, De-camp, breakfast buffet and prepare for a morning of a Mepantigan and Archery Festival.

Tuesday-Wednesday May 29-30- NO SCHOOL Galungan Holiday Friday June 1– NO SCHOOL Holiday

Thanks for reading!!

Grade 5B Team


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