Week 7, three days

Hello Grade 4 parents!

After a long weekend, last week in Grade 4 was full of fun even if it was short.  We began our week with gardening, preparing the earth by turning it with shovels and rakes to welcome our future plantations.

In literacy, students have finished creating their “Menu as a chef’  These are all sounding yummy! Our grammar focus for the past week was on correct sentence formation, particularly concentrating on the subject and the verb. We also worked really hard on identifying different word categories such as nouns, verbs and adjectives.

We also had lots of fun in our literacy sessions when we invented sentences using only images as inspiration.  This was great practice and was a brilliant chance to express our creativity! We are looking forward to sharing some of these during our teman teman (friendship) sessions with younger grades in the school.

In mathematics, we discussed the concepts of perimeter and surface area. It was great getting to do this outside!  We first measured our garden and then reported its dimensions.  This was tricky but we managed it!  After taking the measurements, we used what we had learned to calculate its perimeter and surface area.  We also worked on place value last week by identifying the number of hundreds, tens and ones in different numbers and discussing why this was important.

Last week we also started working on a project about plastic pollution in Bali. This is a huge problem and we are thinking about what we can do to help.  First we began by learning about the origins of plastic and how it is produced.  Following on from this, we are planning ways of informing, discussing and educating consumers across Bali about this issue. Stay tuned!

Finally, we had a great time learning about the History of Indonesia.  What an amazing country and we can’t wait to learn more and deepen our understanding of the place where we are all living!

Reminder the first full moon ceremony of the year on Monday 24th. Further information will be add soon.

All the best!

The Grade 4 Team


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