Week 7 ~ World Bamboo and Laklak Day

Dear parents,

We started this week with celebrating World Bamboo Day with our little buddies, grade 1A. We had a short explanation about how Balinese use bamboo for ceremonies and then continued with playing three types of games using bamboo and ended with enjoying some snacks in which bamboo shoots as part of the ingredients.

On Wednesday we went to a field trip, visiting Pak Yota, the owner of famous Laklak Bali Rama. We learnt a lot about him, how to run a family business as well  as how to make laklak. Yummy treats we had at the end!

The students were practicing how to present their traditional hands on project during thematic lesson. They are ready now to present theirs to the class and other classes.

During Green Studies, we measured our garden with four different types of measuring tools: 1m- bamboo sticks, measuring tape, 1m-string and 1m ruler. We noted our findings on our Math book. We then discussed the effectiveness of each tool. We also start redesigning our garden.

We had consolidating our multiplication skill with card games.


  1. Friday, September 29, 2017 ~ Parent Teacher Conferences. There is a no-school day for the students, and parent needs to sign-up for it. Please refer to the email subject-headed “Parent Teacher Conferences” that was sent earlier this week. See you in grade 5A classroom.

Have a great weekend!

Grade 5A Team


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