Week 8 in 4th Grade

Dear grade 4 family,

Another week down. I can’t believe we are already in the 8th week. It sure has gone by fast. I am loving this class and their unique personalities. We have some eager learners and as a teacher, that’s fantastic.

Happy World Bamboo Day!

In celebration of this special day, during the primary assembly Rizal coming to visit and play us a song with the bamboo instrument. He is a multi talented musician from Java. He makes these incredible instruments from bamboo, plays and makes some beautiful music. If you were at the Tuesday morning assembly you  may have heard him. The grade 4 students learned a little about his background, his instruments and had a private show. It was really nice.

In Indonesian culture we learned some key Indonesian facts and more specific details on the structure and order of ceremonies in Bali. In Bahasa, the students learned about greeting and introducing themselves in Bahasa in more detailed ways, they also learn some new words that we always use daily in class and start to make their own family tree in Bahasa Indonesia.

Thematics has really been great.”Sense of Place Indonesia” theme has brought up some beautiful dialogue and more so, we are really getting to know Indonesia in everything. This week we started by exploring the Sumatran archipelago through their customs, culture, food, traditional houses, dance, and communities. And they had to  work on finishing up their poster about Sumatra archipelago and Lake Toba model, and the will present in front of the class. We will explore Indonesian archipelago more this week.

In math’s this week we are getting our heads around concepts of values and numbers (4-6 digits). It’s been challenging but this week is all about getting the ‘rules’ for adding and subtracting down and then we will challenge ourselves with some problems and practice.

Last week in Literacy we finished up our spelling inventory and are ready this week to start on our new word lists.

We had our first  Teman Teman session with Grade 1 this week. I love this peer support we have going this year. The students start their comic stories with their little buddies. I will share their stories in the next blog.

Last, but certainly not least, the kids had an amazing Gardening time with Pak Wayan Bono our lovely gardener at school. They work very hard to prepare their garden, start loosen the soil and mix it with compost so that the soil become fertile and ready for planting the seeds in their garden. We have also prepare the seedling.

Here is some photos that show how much they have fun.

Thanks for reading!

Grade 4 Team

Some Note :

September 28th Friday– Parent Teacher Conferences. Just a little reminder, although it is also on the main primary calendar, we have our PTC on this day. It is a day for teachers and parents to get together and discuss the learning in G4, both academically and holistically ( no students please). More details to come

September 24th Monday –  Primary Full Moon Ceremony at GS Temple in the morning ( 8.20 – 9.00 ) HOS. The students will practice out of respect for the culture on Bali Island. So PLEASE remind your children to wear their Balinese ceremonial clothes on Monday.

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