Week 8 in Grade 2A

Hi parents,

This week our main excitement has been building our Ogoh-Ogoh, which we have named ‘Little Devil’.

We have been busy creating the various parts for it, including ‘feathers’ made from nangka leaves and rainbow strips made from recycled cloth and plain strips for tentacles. We have also begun to layer papier mache to beef out the skeleton bamboo frame. The kids enjoyed getting slimy with the tapioca paste which is surprisingly strong! Here are some photos to enjoy.

Grade 2A are hard at work preparing for activities for our Student Led Conferences next week. In literacy we are now re-drafting our final copies of a creative story based in our very own class. Be looking forward to listening to these stories next week! We’re also busy creating signs and deciding what we’d like to showcase from our learning over the past 8 months.

Our week has been busy with extra activities. On Thursday we began with a Full Moon Ceremony and we also got to be part of the audience for Grade 5A’s play.

We’ve been working to tidy up our 

On Friday we are looking forward to our House Sports Day for basketball and we’ll have assembly in the afternoon.. phew! What a busy week!

Next week we will continue to prepare for our Student Led Conference Day as well as putting the finishing touches to our Ogoh-Ogoh.

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