Week 8 in Grade 2B!

Art with Ibu Karen!

Dear Parents,

Wow! Can you believe that 8 weeks have come and gone already? The students are really doing a fine job in second grade and new friendships continue to bloom.  Speaking of blooming, our class garden is really looking lovely and we hope to harvest some organic tomatoes soon!

Thank you again, to Ibu Karen, our Art teacher for sending some nice photos as the students use their knowledge of line to write their names in beautiful and creative ways.

Our Literacy and Math studies continue to go strong and the students are making good progress. We’ve been thinking like scientists lately, as we continue to conduct experiments about what floats or sinks. We’ve figured out it isn’t just as simple as “light things float”.  We each made hypothesis then observed what happened as various objects were dropped in water. Next up, we shall make our own boats using bamboo, found materials and reused materials from Kembali.

Our students continue to enjoy a wide variety of specialist classes, as well as Teman Teman time with grade 2a. Next, we shall invite some mystery readers from grade 4 to come to our class. Many of the grade 4 students remember having mystery readers with Pak Jerry  or Ibu Peni in the past, so it is really exciting for some of them to volunteer to BE the Mystery Readers! Please note, parents, that you are also invited to come in as mystery readers!

All the best for a great weekend! Thank you, Pak Jerry, Ibu Nita and Ibu Peni

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