Week 8 in Grade 5A

Dear parents,

Phew! What 5 busy days we had this week!

Monday – We were continuing our construction project, making the ogoh-ogoh for Nyepi Day. They all have come a long way now.

Tuesday – We played our video about Deconstruction in front our primary family. They love it!

Wednesday – We have painted all of the characters for our ogoh-ogoh. We also voted a name for it. It is “Si Berang-Berang” or The Otter in Bahasa Indonesia.

Thursday – It is our big day! We started the day with Full Moon Ceremony and then ended with “The tribe of the Future” performance in Sangkep. The kids nailed it so well! So proud with all of them and their hidden talents! Thanks to parents and all the audiences who shared this journey with.

Friday – We played and got wet with tires for our morning fitness. And then the students were showing our support by watching 5b performance for the same story as we played the day before. They were amazing as well. We ended ths week with basketball house game. Lots of cheering and loud supporting chant at the gym after lunch today.


Please remember that the Student Led Conferences will be held on next Friday, March 9th. Once again, the schedule is below. Thank you for confirming that you can attend. Your children are very excited to share their learning with you.

8:30-9:20 am     : Scout , Max , Seda, Chloe

9:30-10:20 am   : Ursina, Emily, Josu, Bintang

10:30-11:20 am  : Neve, Indra, Cora

11:30-12:20 am  : Tabby, Beni, Sam, Checkie

12:20-1:00 pm   LUNCH

1:00-1:50 pm    :  Shawnee , Taj, Putu

If your child has the last class SLC of the day (1:00-1:50), you may want to visit some of the Specialists spaces before the class SLC, as the Specialists spaces will all close at 15:15.

See you all next Friday and have a great weekend!

Grade 5A Team

Here is a timelapse of ogoh-ogoh making and our morning fitness.

Timelapse Ogoh-ogoh making

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